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Jean-Christophe Peyrieux

Jean-Christophe Peyrieux

With designer Jean-Christophe Peyrieux

Discover how a typical “Les Studios de Paris” apartment is born. Or why not even get inspired to have your own place designed by us?

Whether you intend to live in your apartment, sell, rent or simply keep it as your “Parisian headquarters”, we can handle the singularity of your project and provide a one-to-one client service, tailored to suit your tastes, requirements, budget and lifestyle.

We know that every property is unique and each owner has different needs.

That is why every apartment has a personality with Les Studios de Paris, as we treat each one individually. Because we believe that your apartment is not just a room to spend the night in, but a place with a soul, designed to match your reality the way you want to create it. And what’s more, it’s a place you can call home.

Jean-Christophe Peyrieux, senior designer of Les Studios de Paris team of architects, will be your guide in the intriguing process of creating a studio apartment from scratch. He tackles everything from home staging flats to project-managing apartment makeovers. He is “on set” from the very beginning of the project (when they work on the construction and design) till the very end (when he picks the colour and the fabric of the sofa cushions).

Join him in this “behind-the-scenes” tour to witness how an apartment comes alive. Step by step.

What makes Les Studios de Paris different from other renting agencies? 

What is specific about us is that – unlike most renting agencies – we not only let apartments. We create them, as well. Les Studios de Paris carries out all kinds of home renovations, refurbishments, interior design assignments & project management services. Many of the flats, rented by our clients, were actually designed by us. Why do we do that? Because we want to make your “pied-à-terre” in Paris as unique an experience as the city itself. And finally, because we try to live up to our philosophy, based on the belief that Paris can be as beautiful on the inside, as it is on the outside.   

What possibilities does the agency give to apartment owners?

We can form a partnership with owners, in which case we design, renovate and then rent their property.   On the other hand, we can design a space for them without renting it. And, alternatively, if their apartment is already designed and furnished, we can simply rent it for them.

The advantage of renovating with Les Studios de Paris, however, is that you won’t need to go through the nightmare of refurbishing your property yourself in order to enjoy it when it’s all done. As project managers, our job is to plan and manage your renovation from start to finish and to guarantee that your daily life won’t be disturbed. So, forget about organizing the carpenter, electrician or plumber, as we will do it all for you. You don’t even need to be in Paris to have your property refurbished by us. We will monitor all project elements, by making daily site visits, to control that everything goes according to plan.

What services do you provide in terms of apartment renovation?

Is your apartment a brand new empty box where everything needs to be created from scratch? Or is it an old abode you’ve grown tired of and would like to see (partly or completely) renovated?  Whatever the case, we are flexible to meet your requirements and respond to your needs.  We can make a design project for your apartment, upgrade it or simply (re-)decorate it.

The design project gives you an idea of how to make the best use of your apartment space or how to transform it better. If you choose to upgrade (renovate) your flat, according to the design project we’ve proposed, you’ll invest some initial capital, but afterwards the rental value and the occupancy rate of your apartment will increase, which will enable a fast return on investment.  Home decoration is another new service we propose to our clients. In this case, we add some personality and style to a basic, neutral-looking apartment. We home-stage the place, jazz it up to make it more appealing and glamorous.

All three options can be executed together or separately.

What is the step-by-step process of creating a rentable apartment from square one?

First, we will make an initial visit to review the property and assess its needs. During that visit we will offer advice regarding your apartment – specifically what will make the place look more attractive and will increase its rental value. This part of the process is free.  After the first visit, we will provide a written estimate, detailing the work to be done and the project costs, if required. This business plan includes an estimate of the investment needed and the revenues to come, quotes and precise data, design projects and other plans and propositions. The price of the design project varies between 400 and 1000 euro, depending on the apartment surface. Still, should you wish Les Studios de Paris to manage the renovation project for you later, the cost of the estimate will be deducted from the final invoice (12-15 % of the overall price). Then, after we’ve agreed on the design project, the practical work in the apartment begins. we are there to monitor and coordinate the whole process, we work on the design and give advice on choosing the materials. Finally, when the apartment is fully equipped, decorated and professionally photographed, we consider the property ready to be rented.

How long does the process usually take?

It depends on the amount of work to be done and on the size of the apartment, as well, but generally, a “complete makeover” takes about 2 to 3 months.

How does the agency choose the apartments it rents out?

When we visit an apartment, we honestly ask ourselves “Would we want to live here?” If the answer is yes, we take it. If not, we don’t. It is that simple.

Does the luxury of revamping your apartment inevitably cost a lot of money?

Not necessarily. There are inexpensive improvements that can be made to help create a far more favourable impression. Plus, we can smarten up the inside, without spending a fortune. It’s rather a matter of knowing what to do and how to get it. Sometimes it can cost just a few hundreds or thousands – buying what the place is missing, hiding the flaws in an honest way, painting a wall blue instead of white. Small details can make a huge impact. The cost for achieving them may be insignificant, but jazzing up the place is priceless. It makes all the difference. And, as I’ve already pointed out, this is money well spent if you want to sell, rent or simply enjoy the comfort of your own home yourself.  Needless to say, we would always fit to your budget.

How do you choose the “look / feel” of an apartment?

We take time and see how the place inspires us, but I also adapt to the style of each person. We ask the owners what they like, how they picture the place. We flip through magazine excerpts together, we discuss and compare proposals, etc. We aim to work in partnership with our clients in order to create a living space designed for their particular taste and lifestyle. We like to work as a team with the owners – we don’t design an apartment for them, we do it with them. What matters in the end is that our clients are happy, that we’ve given our best so they could be.

For me, a successful project is the challenge of incorporating the place, the person, the budget and the purpose. It’s achieving what the owner wants, likes and can afford. The “best apartment” is the one where you can’t say goals have been achieved, where everything looks natural, consistent and feels harmonious.

What different apartment designs are there so far?

The Contemporary Design, the French Classic, the Vintage Parisian, the Modern comfort, to name but a few.  But there are also these unique places, with exclusive individual design, that can’t really fit into a category.

Which was the most elaborate, hard-working project you’ve worked on so far? 

It was the Wagner apartment. We did a complete makeover there, it was a total rebirth. We demolished a wall to unite two rooms in one. The kitchen swapped places with the bathroom. We connected the bedroom to the new bathroom, using a partition glass wall. We totally reinvented the place, but in the end the result was striking. We had converted an old-fashioned space into a contemporary, practical and stylish pied-a-terre.

See how we put theory to practice with the Wagner apartment

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