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It is summer in the city! So what shall we do? Run straight to the isle of Saint Louis and whisper the magical word – ice cream! ”G” comme “glace”. Or should we say “B” comme “Berthillon”? Because in Paris “Berthillon” is not just any kind of ice cream! Here, this is the King of all ice creams! 

La Maison Berthillon – the most famous ice cream parlor on the island of Saint Louis

The meaning:   “glace” =  ice cream

The history:

Evidently, one finds the best ice cream in the world in Paris, at Berthillon’s. The address is known by virtually any Parisian, no exception to the rule. A Berthillon ice cream is one of the rare luxuries any local can afford.  Rejoice when you see one walking down the island, ice cream in hand, because this will be one of the rare moments when a Parisian will actually look and act like a tourist!

Enjoying a Berthillon ice cream by the Seine is a popular pastime for locals and tourists alike

The legend: 

The legend behind the Berthillon trademark – the eponymous Monsieur Berthillon himself – founded the first family ice cream shop in 1954. On the island, bien sûr. Three generations later, the ice cream odyssey continues, united under the same motto: “Quality is our passion!”  Berthillon’s fame derives from the fact that they use just natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners or stabilizers) and their ice creams are made by milk, sugar, cream and eggs only. But most importantly, they’re delicious and the omnipresent queues in front of the ice cream shops are the most convincing proof of all!

The flavours:

Prepare to note down. There are 36 of them! Café Dauphinoix, Caramel with salty butter (this is tops!), Grand Marnier, Glazed Chestnut, Gingerbread, Hazelnut with lemon and coriander, Madagascar Vanilla…  Hello…? Are you still here?

A menu board with Berthillon flavours

A menu board with the numerous Berthillon flavours

Not to be missed:

Go there in the evening – a scoop of Berthillon ice cream, a tour of the Notre Dame cathedral, a stroll along l’Ile Saint Louis. Ah. “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I just can’t take it…” 

The Notre Dame Cathedral viewed from the Saint Louis Island

How to get there: Metro line:   7  / Metro stop:  Pont Marie

Maison Berthillon, 29-31, Rue Saint Louis en l’ile, 75004, Paris (they tend to close in August, but don’t worry, you can taste the Berthillon ice cream practically anywhere on the island, as long as the café / shop has a sign promoting the brand)

You can’t miss it, even if you wanted to! Berthillon is simply everywhere on the island.