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Barbara Tron - Booking Manager - Les Studios de Paris

Barbara Tron, Booking Manager at Les Studios de Paris 


Barbara is the first person you contact when booking an apartment with Les Studios de Paris. That’s why we decided to show you “the face behind the interface”. 

Back in Mexico, she was a decorator and a textile designer. Now, 3 years later, her new home in Paris has faced her with another exciting challenge – to be the perfect matchmaker between our clients and our studios.




What does a booking manager do exactly?

I am the mediator between our clients and the multitude of their options. I should know them well enough to guide them to the right choice. But to be able to do this, I first need to bond with them. And I love that, I enjoy communicating with our clients, taking care of them and handling all the tiny details that will make them happy. My job is to make people feel safe staying with us, to protect them. To a no lesser extent, I also work with the owners of the properties. I deal with their “jewel apartments”, make sure that no harm is done and that they are as beautiful as they were the first day they were delegated to us.

How does a typical day in the office unfold for you?

Oh, it’s very active! A whole lot is going on! First, we check all the requests from the previous day. We answer them immediately, by giving concrete information and specific proposals to our clients. I am in charge of managing this whole process. I need to keep everything organized, so that we can work efficiently. I keep an eye on all schedules, who’s checking in, who’s checking out. If there’s a problem, I always address it with a smile, try to calm our client down and send someone to fix the issue right away. But I don’t do everything on my own. We work a lot as a team, as well. We help each other all the time, just like a family does.

What are “the pros” of renting with Les Studios de Paris?

You get excellent service. But most of all, the treatment is personal. We know that coming to Paris is special for you. That’s why we do our best to provide you this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We don’t just accommodate you, we want everything to be exceptional for you! Because you are unique and you deserve to be treated as such! What’s more, we’re aware that finding an apartment in Paris can be a real nightmare! With Les Studios de Paris, it’s now all taken care of. Your only job is to come here and have the time of your life! 

What is your favourite part of your job?

One of the rules of our business is that if you don’t know your product, you can’t sell it well. That’s why I love my job, because I know our product and I am sure that what we’re offering is worth it. The idea that we are providing a memorable, enjoyable, precious and valuable experience, that’s my favourite thing! What recharges me the most is this feeling in the end of day, when you tell yourself you’ve done something good for someone.  Paying back for your clients’ confidence – yes, this is the best part. 

What is your motto?

The client always comes first. He or She is the most important. We know that and we will never get tired of doing it. 

And finally, an insider’s tip for our clients. What is your favourite place in Paris?

I’d say it’s the terrace of Le Printemps[1]. It’s just so beautiful there! You have a 360° panoramic view over Paris, there’s music, it’s the best place to enjoy a chilled glass of wine. I always take my friends there. You should go, too! 

Call Barbara if you want to book the perfect apartment in Paris! A cunning mediator and the perfect “matchmaker”, she will do her best to make you live your “happily ever after” moment in one of our studios – be it for 3 days or for a lifetime! 

[1] Printemps Department Store Paris, the largest beauty department store in the world, is a Parisian historical monument with a panoramic terrace with a 360 degrees astonishing view of Paris