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An avant-garde project, combining art vision, domotic architecture and ecological concern

“At the dawn of the new millennium, I designed Starway to Heaven, as one creates a world. Conceived like a domestic prosthesis to my own body, the house has little by little taken its place among living works. Whether you hire it for one sole night, for a shooting set, or for a weekend retreat, Starway to Heaven will be your ally for living a little piece of Heaven on Earth”

Jean-Paul Lubliner, creator of Starway to Heaven

Starway to heaven night view from living-room

Starway to heaven night view from living-room

Starway to Heaven, a 3-floor loft with more than 400 m² of surface, is located in the heart of picturesque Montmartre, near Sacré Coeur, where many famous films were shot.

Starway to heaven - view from roof terrace

Starway to heaven – view from roof terrace

The triplex benefits from an exceptional 180° panoramic view over the French capital on all three levels and up to a 360° panorama from the roof terrace. It’s like Paris, this film in Technicolor, is sitting over the sofa, right in front of you.

Starway to heaven day view from 2nd floor

Starway to heaven – day view from 2nd floor

Defying gravity, this luminous space of radically contemporary design, features all latest materials and technologies of our time. Bio-communicating, with constantly purified air, vegetal walls, photovoltaic cells, this model of uncompromising ecology is a manifesto of holistic architecture, where art, cutting-edge technology and comfort harmonize and exalt each other.

Jean-Paul Lubliner, a contemporary art conceptor, has decided to create this “futuristic project of Heaven” with one major commitment – the harmonious existence of mankind and nature.  To the smallest detail, the loft is a piece of unique work, preaching the poetic vision that living sane & humane in the century of advanced technologies is a cause not yet lost.

Starway to heaven chimney 2nd floor

Starway to heaven chimney 2nd floor

A real living organism, Starway to Heaven is the culmination of two years of research on bio-communication in living spaces.  Thus, the house integrates the most advanced technologies: air-purification by real time sensors, a rainwater harvesting system, a Canadian well in the basement regulating the apartment’s temperature through geothermal energy. Not consuming more than it produces and using the force of natural elements, Starway to Heaven lives in peaceful harmony with its environment.

Starway to heaven kitchen

Starway to heaven – kitchen

Latest innovations in home technology were put into practice in this Bio House. Level 1 has an ultra-equipped kitchen, where corian, one of today’s most unique and versatile materials, is used.

Particular attention was paid to the bathrooms, present on all levels of the apartment. Jacuzzi, power showers, automatically dimming smart glass walls, fully transparent bathroom floors and light showers all work to create a magic moment of reunion between them and their occupants.

Starway to heaven - stairs and dining room

Starway to heaven – stairs and dining room

The hi-fi equipment, designed specifically for Starway to Heaven, is omnipresent without being ostentatious. It reigns over the space at level 2, when the room is converted to Home Theater.

Other points of interest on Level 2 include Stanley Kubrick’s movie inspired set (the design of the work table, the bar and the fireplace is a wink to Kubrick’s 2011) and La Bocca Obra (a playful artistic piece, conceived by the artist Toni Selgi, represnting a daring and passionate mouth that opens like an insatiable cave to swallow a virtual aquarium right in the middle of the wall).

One of Starway to Heaven’s major symbols is The Stairway Of Time. This DNA helix transpierces all apartment levels, divides the living spaces, marks the hour and flickers to the rhythm of the lights of the Eiffel Tower (through a system of diodes controlled by a computer).

Climbing this spiral masterpiece (the number of its stairs matching the number of the hours in a day) is like defying gravity and travelling through time. Until you reach the top and end up on the roof terrace, where the city warmly welcomes you on its flying carpet of neon lights. There, it’s all stars, you… and Paris. Beyond, no pictures or words. You’re the captain of a boat, swimming in a sea of light. The calm is olympic…

Starway to heaven room 3rd floor

Starway to heaven room 3rd floor

 Starway To Heaven can accommodate three couples, each with an own bedroom, around ten guests in the dining room and up to thirty participants in a seminar setting, press conference, cultural event or management meeting.

Cats are allowed and have their own playground and place for rest, designed by the conceptor. Throughout the whole duration of your stay, a butler will be at your disposal, 24 hours a day, to satisfy all your whims and meet the extravagance of all your desires…

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