The BLACK PEARL Studio – a handful of rare beauty 

Ever wondered how to tell a real pearl from a fake one? Well, now you can stop guessing! Your sojourn in the Black Pearl Studio will surely provide you with one real gem of travelling experience to legally transport over borders!

Black Pearl studio

Black Pearl studio

Shimmering, iridescent, exotic and rare, black pearls are the ultimate symbol of chic and extravagance.  A hundred times less common than white ones, they are considered one of the rarest gems on Earth.

One such rare gem, shining in the heart of Montmartre, is the Black Pearl studio. This charming suite, with a fantastic view over the Eiffel Tower and the south of Paris, has been fully renovated in 2012. Located on the 4th floor of a typical Montmartre street, just a few steps away from “Amélie Poulain’s favourite grocery”, it is the perfect starting point for exploring the genuine district of Abbesses – one of Montmartre’s hotspots, where most typically Parisian trades can be found (cafés, bakeries, groceries).

The studio’s interior mirrors the natural beauty of a real black pearl itself. Inspired by its intense “rainbow of colours”, the suite’s colour palette plaits a crafty braid of rich purple and lustrous black.

Elegantly refurbished, contemporary looking and stylishly designed, the space reassures that – when talking beauty – size doesn’t have a say in the matter! Despite being only 9 m² in surface, those 9 are something to be remembered! The luxury of their shine proves that even something as small as a pearl can make a powerful impression.

Black Pearl view

The Black Pearl Studio sleeps 2 inside its cozy shell. It offers WiFi network, cable TV, phone and a fully equipped kitchen corner (with an espresso machine for your first sip of morning coffee with a view of the Eiffel tower)!

And remember, it takes up to a few years for an oyster to form a pearl.

But it might take an eternity before you forget your Black Pearl experience!

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